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Mamma Glove

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Mamma Glove

Excluding skin cancers, Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women today. More than 1.1 million cases of breast cancer are now diagnosed across the world each year, as compared with about 500,000 cases in 1975. In the United States about every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and it is the second leading cause of death in women.

The key factor required to combat breast cancer is still, early detection. Over 70% of all breast cancer is discovered during Breast Self Examination. To assist with self examination, the Mamma Glove was created.

The Mamma Glove is a revolutionary new product with a fingerless, gloveshaped design, comparable to a mitten. The Mamma Glove is made of soft two-layer rubber that is filled with a special gel. Due, in part, to this gel filling early changes, nodes, or abscesses in the breast tissue are easily detected. The Mamma Glove is the ideal product for women to use during personal self examine of their breasts.

The Mamma Glove is highly recommended by leading physicians worldwide. Certificates of gynecological associations are available (e.g. East Delhi Gynecologist Forum - reg. no. 44365) upon request. The Dharamshila Cancer Hospital and Research Center characterizes MammaGlove as: convenient, readily available, safe, and an important aid offering multiple usage for detecting any changes in the breasts.

The Mamma Glove is not intended to be a replacement of a professional medical examination, but it should alert a woman of changes in her breasts. The person should then visit a physician for a professional examination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the Mamma Glove be used by either hand?

Mamma Glove is universal for the right and the left hand, so it is enough to buy just one.

For how long can the Mamma Glove be used?

If you keep Mamma Glove out of extreme heat and sunshine, it can be used for a long time. The expiration time is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Can the Mamma Glove be washed?

Yes, washing the Mamma Glove in lukewarm water will help to maintain this product hygienically.

What is the Mamma Glove made from?

The Mamma Glove is a skin friendly special membrane made from a high-grade of non-toxic polyurethane. The manufacturing quality of the MammaGlove is ensured through a patented production method. The Mamma Glove design and the unique gel combine to increase palpation sensitivity, and is a major reason for the extreme effectiveness of this breast detection product. The special feel of the Mamma Glove enables the user to discover the slightest of changes in the breast.


The Mamma Glove Breast Self-Exam Glove makes no guarantee that breast cancer, breast lumps or any other breast disease indicators will be found with its use. Breast self-exams, performed with the Mamma Glove or with the bare hand, are in no way a substitute for regular, proper medical examinations. Breast self-exams are only one part of good breast health care. Clinical breast exams and mammograms should be performed regularly by a qualified physician. Report any changes found either with your bare hand or using the Mamma Glove during your breast self-exam to your physician for proper evaluation. It is particularly advisable that women with any prior breast health problem or disease should rely primarily on more frequent clinical examinations of their breasts by a qualified physician. Women with re-constructive surgery of the breast or breast implants should consult with their physician before using this product.

Watching closely in the mirror, clasp your hands behind your head and press your hands forward. Next, press your hands firmly on your hips and bend slightly toward the mirror as you pull your shoulders and elbows forward. Raise one arm. Place the Mamma Glove on the hand that has not been raised in the air. Use the pads of the fingers to check the breast and the surrounding area firmly, carefully, and thoroughly. Feel the tissue by pressing your fingers in small, overlapping areas about the size of a dime. To be sure you cover your whole breast, take your time and follow a definite pattern: lines, circles, or wedges. Conduct this same procedure on the opposite side. Lie flat on your back, with one arm over your head and a pillow or folded towel under the shoulder. While wearing the Mamma Glove, check each breast and the area around it very carefully using one of the patterns described above. Switch arms and repeat.

One Mamma Glove

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