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Feather-Lite NuBra Black Size D

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Feather-Lite NuBra

From the manufacturers of the NuBra comes the latest strapless, back less, invisible bra. Unlike the Nu bra, a totally silicone gel brassiere, the Feather Lite combines polyester, foam, and silicone gel offering the lightest and most comfortable fit ever imagined!

The Featherlite NuBra features soft and natural bra cups, that are completely smooth and impossible to detect under clothing. The outer bra cups contain adhesion on the inside cups that ensures a secure and lasting fit. Very much like the Nu Bra, the Feather lite becomes a part of your body allowing for complete freedom of movement. The front closure increases cleavage and lift, exactly like the NuBra.

The Feather Lite NuBra is about seventy percent lighter than the original NuBra. It is easy to apply and simple to remove. When applied correctly, Featherlite is guaranteed to stay on securely. The Feather Lite adhesive is made in the United States and is clinically tested for medical device application.

Benefits of Wearing the Feather Lite NuBra:

  • Feather Lite NuBra is self adhesive & self-supportive.
  • The Feather Lite NuBra is washable & reusable
  • Feather Lite NuBra is completely back less, strapless & invisible under clothing.
  • Feather Lite NuBra features a unique front closure for cleavage and lift.
  • Feather Lite NuBra offers two separate bra cups allowing for total flexibility.
  • Feather Lite NuBra is easy to use & easy to clean.
  • Feather Lite NuBra's special adhesive has been lab tested & approved for safe, skin-friendly usage.
  • Feather Lite NuBra is totally free from any adhesive strips & side extensions.
  • Feather Lite NuBra can literally be worn with almost any dress style.

30% Polyester, 30% PU Foam, 40% Silicone Gel

It is important to explicitly follow these instructions prior to wearing and after using the Feather Lite NuBra.

1. Clean your chest area then dry your skin thoroughly before applying the Featherlite. Be sure not to apply any moisturizers, perfumes, powders or other skin care products prior to usage since this will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. If possible use Skin-Prep protective wipes to form a protective coating that will assure skin adhesion of the Feather Lite Nu Bra.

2. While standing in front of a mirror, place one side on at a time. Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by the edges with both hands. Position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips. Repeat the same application on your breast, being sure both sides are equal in height.

3. Connect the front closure, then with both hands on the bra cups press firmly for a few seconds to secure the hold. You are now ready to enjoy the total freedom and comfort of your Feather Lite NuBra. It is that simple.

4. If a fuller look is desired, placing the Feather Lite NuBra at a higher position onto your breasts, is the solution.

5. To create greater cleavage, place your Feather Lite NuBra farther away from each other. In this manner, when the front closure is closed securely, this will tighten the breast to create more cleavage.

6. To remove Feather Lite Nu bra, carefully detach the front closure first, then gently peel off the bra starting from the top and continue downward. If any adhesive residue remains on the skin after removal, simply wipe skin with a soft tissue to remove.

7. Be sure to clean the Feather Lite Nubra after each use. Cleanse with a soap that does not contain moisturizers like Dial or Ivory and water, then air-dry in order to allow the adhesive to regenerate.

One Feather Lite NuBra & instructions. All Feather Lite NuBra cup sizes A-D are designed to fit bust sizes 32-48 (European 70-110).

Please Note: When choosing your Featherlite NuBra, it is essential to select your true bra cup size, excluding any padding, for proper fit.

Please Note: Due to health reasons, returns and/or exchanges can not be made on any NuBra products after the item is opened or worn. Should this product be returned prior to being used or opened, we will happily issue a refund or exchange.

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